Orbitas facility

This facility, conceived, designed, built and directed by artist Fiona Bowie, overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
Órbitas welcomes International and Costa Rican creative professionals across a multitude of disciplines.
Located in Sámara, Costa Rica, Órbitas is a unique retreat residency intended to offer busy
creative individuals opportunity to reboot, to play, experiment: supporting research and
exploration of ideas that may form the foundation for new works.
Órbitas local and grounds were designed to encourage a slowing down: time and space to think,
pause, conceive.
The location also offers opportunities to experience local culture, wildlife, various activities,
ocean views and dips, diverse settings for walks. The forest air, ocean breezes and abundant flora
and fauna that make up Órbitas' natural setting, provide a restful environment.

Foto: Jenifer Papararro.

Individuals may taylor their stay by curating their residency: who might occupy the facility during their stay
and complement their creative threads. Collaborative sessions are also encouraged. A small studio is available to support
research and development and media based explorations.
Visiting artists are welcomed to present their work via artist talks, school visits, public work, performances, concerts or other means in Samara.

The two residency guest rooms each have quality queen beds (one has two, the other one bed), a fridge, a safe, a desk, ensuite bathrooms and front and back patios (back is shady). Other living areas are communal including the Kitchen, patios, library, decks, dining area, Salt pool
and an open living area suitable for movement/rehearsals/workshopping/experimentation.

Being at the edge of a large forest reserve, Órbitas also offers great bird watching opportunities. The facility is 100% pesticide/herbicide free,
and grey water is recycled to the forest, therefore all toiletries must be organic/biodegradable. While there are few mosquitoes, there are
locally produced, very effective repellents available in town.

View from upper deck at sunset.

Órbitas also has a bio-dynamic garden and forest garden, promoting the knowledge and use of native medicinals
and culinary plants including herbs, vegetables, many citrus, mango, cinnamon, papaya, guanabana, cacao, coconut,
hibiscus and other edible flowers, edible wild plants, grasses, and seeds. The proximity of the garden to the forest
promotes an understanding of supporting wildlife, both flora and fauna, with sustainable practices. Órbitas' developing
a wiki will also document this local flora and fauna, an ongoing project of Fiona Bowie.

Send a brief description of proposed activities and when you would like to come.

Entrance path and garden.

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