About Flow (artist talk, Italy)

In this video, Fiona introduces Flow (flowvancouver.com 2009-present) at the 2010 ACM Multimedia, Firenze (Florence), Italy, with Sidney Fels.
While Fels was at the conference in-situ, Fiona decided not to fly to the conference site for such a short trip (carbon/time ratio) and so gave her portion of the talk remotely from her studio in Vancouver (thus producing this video).
Fiona postulated how all Conferences in the future might be attended remotely, thus saving tons of carbon release, so this presentation was also a performance of practice.

The accompanying Paper, co-written by Bowie and Sidney Fels (who wrote about the daily Flow systems), won 2010 Best Interactive Art Paper - ACM Multimedia, Firenze, Italy

{ Flow is Vancouver's first photo/media-based permanent public art work. Commissioned by the City of Vancouver,
the work is situated at street level at 1 Kingsway, a new civic centre housing a library, community center, residences
and a games room (where the work is installed)}.

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