flow live online (2024-)an ever-evolving mis-en-scene


on 5.972×10^24 kg (The Situation Room)
an enveloping installation of projections comprising the following:

(2005/2021) on west wall

                  Call (2022) on south wall               face eachother            (1+)Response (2023) on north wall

Fauna (2016-21) on east wall

Fell Silent (listen) (2017-21)

Fauna (2016-21)

Veils (2017-19)


The Wilds (2013-2022)

Galaxies (2017)

Usted, de lejos y hasta muy cerca (2016)

particles (2016)

the flats (2014-ongoing)

pared (2014)

plano verde (2014-19)

eels (2012)

imaginary landscape (2012)

Publics (2005-)

shadow works (2011-ongoing)

flow production video, artist talk, Italy.

flow (2009-2023) ever-evolving mis-en-scene

Surface (2010-2013) 24/7 underwater live upload

Feral Formations

slip-host (2007, dimensions variable) 2 part omni-directional narrative

nature mort (2006,dimensions variable)

trunk (2005-6)


phenotypes (2001-,dimensions variable) immersive narrative

taxidermy (2004)

wax-wane (2000,dimensions variable)

faltering repetition (2000,dimensions variable) immersive narrative

deliverance (1998,dimensions variable) immersive

swell (1996,dimensions variable) omnidirectional

northwesterlyswell (1994-5, dimensions variable) immersive time-based


Photo Suites (1986-)

(posting soon)


(student and early works 1987-94, time-based documentation and more stills posted soon)

the Crunch,(1989, dimensions variable)
immersive time-based

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