slip/host (dimensions variable)

slip/host is an enveloping dramatic narrative that slips back and forth between two worlds:
one cartoon-like (Slip, the other brown and drab (Host. Each world
is installed in adjoining rooms.
The room first entered, Host, is a darkish, dun coloured room. This room is a window into the world
of the Sedentary Manufacturer (played by Alan Cumming). Populated with a series of didactic plinths, amply
skirted with drab covers so oversized, they drape onto the floor, Host presents a series of objects
that graduate in scale (a scale that is fancifully quantum and rather illogical) from a chicken, (her plinth
privileged with a luxurious drape of black velvet), whose back is host to a spec of dust, (suggested by a brightly
coloured arrow) that is in turn the object on plinth 2, a feather puff ball,- the appearance of which belies the
fact that it is a universe with another arrow marking the spot that is available for scrutiny on plinth 3.
One of the galaxies pictured on plinth 3 has a pointer that suggests a particular place within that galaxy,
which in turn pictured on plinth 4: the workplace of the Sedentary Manufacturer.
This plinth has a model of the factory building of the Sedentary Manufacturer
from which a video emanates, cone like, onto the ceiling where the slothly Sedentary Manufacturer
mumbles, stuffs food in his mouth, naps and occasionally pretends to work. His dreams are recounted in a
mouldy dream bubble that depicts his mumbles, longingly looking at fried chicken, naps and his pretend work.
As one progresses through these plinths, each model delves deeper into the Sedentary Manufacturers world,
or literally, into his gut (plinth 5) positioned to lead the visitor to the surreal world of Slip,
situated in the room next door. The Slip (video projected onto projected landscape) is where the story
audibly unfolds through the narrative of the Gargantuan Head, who floats in the clouds.

The eccentric host of characters here include the Gargantuan Head;
Two Headed Moon and a cloud of bacterium floating about in the sky.
As suggested by plinth 5 (the gut) in Host, Slip is actually a molecular world contained in the body of
Sedentary Manufacturer, who's habitual routines are undertaken relentlessly.
Through audible gurgles, farts and flabberwacks, Sedentary Manufacturerspresence is felt throughout
the environs of the installation.
The sage narrator, Gargantuan Head, looms large as he floats in the sky of Slip, weaves a tale of cause
and effect; references the actions and nature of both realms, and considers the philosophical underpinnings of scale,
consciousness, consumption, beauty and oblivion.
Alan Cumming plays both the Gargantuan Head in Slip and it's
parallel antithesis Sedentary Manufacturer.

Excerpt (uninstalled) of Alan Cumming as the Gargantuan Head- in Slip
timeline:00:01:00 and 00:05:21 respectively.

Alan Cumming on set, rehearsing for the Sedentary Manufacturer segment in Host

Full Script

Full Script

Sliph/host Copyright, Fiona Bowie,2004: this text is the exclusive copyright
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Fiona Bowie acknowledges the generous support of Alan Cumming and Ahmad Tabrizi for making this project possible.

Fiona Bowie thanks the generous support of Panavision Canada, Danny Nowak, Lesley Ewen,
Jeff Carter, George Majoros, Fiona Mowatt, Vittorio Palmisani, Corin Sworn and Ahmad for making
this project possible.

Alan Cumming Segment credits and Slip/host cast

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