Curriculum Vitae


MFA,(1998) Interdisciplinary Studies, Simon Fraser University (Chris Welsby, Greg Snider, Alison Clay)
BFA (1990), University of British Columbia (Jeff Wall, Maureen Ryan, Serge Guilbaut)


2015-ongoing Professor Emerita, Emily Carr University
2002-2015 - Tenured Faculty of Dynamic Media, Film + Screen Arts | Graduate Studies
1999-2002 - Sessional Instructor, Simon Fraser University Contemporary Arts and Emily Carr University, Fine Arts, Integrated Media and Critical Studies


2021 to 2022      Quirk Studio, Sitges Spain.
2012 to 2021      Orbitas Studio, Samara, Costa Rica
1991 to 2010      East 5th Studio, installation lab, band practice space, tri-seasonal garden parties, Vancouver, BC

Public Artwork

2009-ongoing  Flow (2009-present) - Artist and Project Manager. City of Vancouver public art commission with Sidney Fels
                      First Permanent Photo/media based public art work in the City of Vancouver.
                     AFTA award winning; ACM Multimedia, Firenze, Italy award winning

2010 -- 2013  Surface. - City of Vancouver public art commission. Artist and Project Manager.
                     Ongoing documentary of the undersea life of False Creek with a camera mounted
                     under the Aquabus broadcast live.
                     Technical Partners: Moment Factory

In Situ Works

Ongoing (since 2013) the flats. -ongoing collaboration with seed dispersers (birds, etc.)
                             at Orbitas, Samara Costa Rica
2013 to 2021      Orbitas Residencia. An artwork. Purpose built Artist Residency, studio, library, gardens, plant identification panels, tropical forest, sculptures, signs.
                         Samara, Costa Rica. (Creator, Designer, Director).
2014-19              Plano Verde. -terraformation of a rangy fallow field of invasive species into
                     indigeous flora and fauna to a prostrate (indigenous plants) green.
2012       Imaginary Intercession. -Stakes, landscape. Samara, Costa Rica

Online Works

Ongoing (since 2013)   Shadow Works
               Anonymous Landscape interventions. Manipulated satellite images from (and subsequently uploaded to) Google Earth.
Ongoing (since 2009)   Flow Online. Public participatory mis-en-scenes
2012  you / will / change / - Random word combination time-based work.

Gallery Exhibitions

2017               Or Gallery Vancouver, BC. Curated by Weiyi Chang.
2017              In the Open, Western Gallery, Bellingham, Washington. Curated by Lee Plested.
2012              Charles H. Scott Gallery, The Voyage, or Three Years at Sea Part III.
                     curated by Cate Rimmer
2009              Damp exhibit, Pacific Cinematheque curated by Alex MacKenzie
2007              Western Front solo curated by Candice Hopkins
2007              Open Space Gallery Victoria, curated Steve Gibson, Julie Andreyev
2007              Yukon Arts Center Museum solo
2006              Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver solo
2006              Belkin Satellite, Vancouver curated by Jordan Strom
2004              International New Media Symposium, Vancouver solo
2004              New Forms Festival, Vancouver, curated by Steve Gibson
2003              Access Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Vancouver, BC.
2002              Consolidated Works, Seattle, Washington curated by Jonathan Middleton and Meg Shiffler
2002              Contemporary Art Gallery Fundraiser. invitational
2001              These Days, Vancouver Art Gallery, Curated by Grant Arnold
2001              Knock off-Knock offs, Or Gallery, Vancouver,BC invitational
2001              Faltering Repetition (as part of Lorna Simpson and Sophie Calle with
                     Gregory Shepard.) Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver, BC.
                            Curated by Karen Henry
2000              NAC, St. Catherines, Ontario. Solo
2000              A Prior Video-Salon. VandeVelde, Brussels, Belgium,
                            curated by Melanie OBrien and Trevor Smith
2000              Knock offs. Or Gallery, Vancouver,BC
1998              Tinsel and Cream. Video In, Vancouver, BC
1998              Bartlett Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC solo
1998              OR Gallery, Vancouver, BC. Solo curated by Reid Shier
1997              Browser. Vancouver, BC, curated by Kitty Scott
1997              Framed, OR Gallery Vancouver BC invitational
1996              grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC solo curated by Glenn Alteen
1995              Tamto Misto - Five Vancouver Artists.Galerie Mladych u Recickych, Prague,
                 Czech Republic. northwesterly swell. in front gallery
1994              Index Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC curated by Scott Mcbride

Special Projects

2015              Tongue Pursed Collective Orbitas Residency with Jenifer Papararro and Fabiola
                      Carranza. Poster, seminar, documents.
2010               SLickerslacker Special appearance at Light Bar, March 17,2010
                 (curated by Instant Coffee),
                      Original music performance Fiona Bowie: singer, bass, synth;
               Jim Peers: singer, bass,synth.; Pete Lutwyche: drums.

2008              Nature Morte - Damp Book. Printed art project.
1998              live visuals/ collaboration with Perfume Tree, Starfish Room.


2014 From the Collection Inaugural Exhibition, Orbitas Galleria, Samara Costa Rica.
       Kathy Slade, Tomoyo Ihaya, Fabiola Carranza, Geoffrey Farmer, Teresa Marie Connors,
                Brian Jungen, Elizabeth Zvonar, Taiga Chiba, Lawrence Paul Yuxwelupton.

2000        Western Front Exhbtiions Curator (with Jonathan Middleton).

1998-1999 ~scope, Western Front Exhibitions Curator special year-long program
       Interdisciplinary Film &Video Installations, Screenings, Panels and Film Jams, at Western Front,
        Charles H. Scott Gallery, Blinding Light!! Cinema, Emily Carr University, January 1999 -
        January 2000.
        with Antonia Hirsch and guest curators at various institutions: Cate Rimmer, Greg Belerby,
        Alex McKenzie

1999 Buenas Dias Time, P.A.R.K. 4DTV and De Vleeshal Gallery, Middleburg, The Netherlands;
       curated by Fiona Bowie and Cindy Spence

1998-2000 Co-curator of Exhibitions, Western Front

1994/98 Chair/Co-curator, Access Gallery

Music, Composition, Sound, Bands

2017-2021. Fell Silent: field recordings, sound installations, compositions, Costa Rica.

Ongoing (since 2008) SLickerslacker. Band, live performances. writer/keys/bass/singer

2014 to 2020 GebGdc projects recordist, writer/keys/bass/ voice

2000 to 2008 Chopper. Band, live performances. writer/singer/bass player.

2006 (June) Songroom. commissioned composition. Music On Main,David Pay.

1999 Gateways sound compositions, Web broadcast,Vienna, Aust. with Melbourne, Belgrade, Vancouver.

1999 video singer/player for Marlene Madison in Little Miss Mira

1999 silver bikini. band.

1998 live collaboration with Perfume Tree, Starfish Room, Vancouver.

1998 Score for an Ambient Film : electronic music composition on CD

1996-9 garageband BWMS w Damian Moppet, Kevin Schmidt, Kelly Wood

1996-8 sissy bar, music projects/performance

1996 dreamy seat, a cappella performance, Access Gallery

1995 a cappella performance with four singers, Access Gallery

1985 Channel One Club! Performance. Composer/solo performance of4 horses.


2011 Invited DJ UNIT/PITT Projects Gallery Anniversary Celebration
1980 to 1986 CITR RADIO DJ, writer, creator of Anything Goes Radio Show:
                with Ingrid Ochodeck. Hot off the presses International New and underground music

1982 to 1986. FACES Evening Night Club Friday night DJ and founding member.
               Faces was a Vanguard Nightclub housed in the (long demolished)
              oldest wood commercial building in Robson area of Downtown,
          feautring DJ's Michael SHea, Danny Schell, Stan Douglas, Bill Leib.
          Favorite disc spinning hangout of local and touring musicians.
1985 Channel One Club! Dj, organizer/composer

Filmic Work

2004 Slip Host
              Creator, Screenplay, shooting script, director, editor, special effects, installation design, projector design and fabrication.

2009-12 Mona Leashas
              Screenplays Co-creator (9 episodes) with Jamie Stolar, art direction, pilot co-producer, actor.


2018 Steel Magnolias (3 roles, Samara Players: live theatre)
) 2017 Love, Loss and What I Wore " Gingy" (lead role, Samara Players: live theatre)

2012 Mona Leashas the Analyst

2007 Sliphost
Voice over for International Biologist


2011 -2021 Samara, Costa Rica (ongoing with new stewards).
Years-long hand removal of invasive species, nurturing return of endemic plant species, fauna diversification support, observational collaboration with seed dispersers and local fauna.
1996- McSpadden Community Garden. Co- founder, with Earl Peach, Mark, Vancouver, BC Canada (ongoing with new stewards)
1998- Master Gardener certificate
1991-2010 small lot pollinator garden, fern garden: pond w bird/plant migrated fresh water shrimp, sticklebacks, backswimmers, water beetles, newts, koi), old rose collection, Quercus garryana, hazelnut, fig, cherry, grapes. East 5th studio (gardens ongoing with new stewards).
For Environmental Service, see section below Cultural Service


2010 AFTA Award for FLow- Top 40 Public Art Works in North America,
        Jurors Helen Lessick (USA) and Fred Wilson (USA)
        Flow was the first (thus far only) Canadian Art Work ever recognized by AFTA

2010 Best Interactive Art Paper - ACM Multimedia, Firenze, Italy
2009 Marking and Mapping Commission for public art project Surface. Location, artists choice.
2007 British Columbia Arts Council grant
2005 #1 Kingsway Public Art Commission
2003 Centre for Art and Technology Research Grant
2003 British Columbia Arts Council grant
2002 British Columbia Arts Council grant
1999 Canada Council Interdisciplinary B grant
1999 British Columbia Arts Council grant
1998 Canada Council Project grant

(1997 British Columbia Arts Council - Senior Scholarship,
1997 Simon Fraser University Contemporary Arts - Project grant,
1997 Simon Fraser University Fellowship,
1996 Simon Fraser University Contemporary Arts - Project grant
1996 British Columbia Arts Council - Senior Scholarship)

1996 Canada Council C grant
1995 British Columbia Arts Council grant
(1989 Helen Pitt Scholarship)

Reviews Catalogues Interviews

2010 CBC live radio interview. Fiona Bowie, on Flow and new works.
CBC Interview

Lavender, Terry Vancouver Observer - Flow One of Best Public Art Works in North America Online
Mullen, Sean with Hsieh, Esther. Radio Interview of Fiona Bowie on Public Artwork Flow, 2009.
Live radio interview December 2009, released for podcast on, 2010 >

Keenlyside, Sarah. Surface, Documentary film on Fiona Bowie's Surface, 2009.
released for broadcast on Knowledge Network, Air Canada, City of Vancouver
Hiebert, Ted. "Fifth Iteration: Digital Dreams and Delusions", from Behind the Screen:
Installation from the Interactive Future, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008.ISSN1865-0929
(Print) 1865-0937 (Online)

Randy Adams, Steve Gibson, Stefan Muller, eds. Transcisciplinary Digital Art. Sound, Vision and
the New Screen Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008.
Cutler, Randy Lee. Vancouver Singular Plural Vancouver Art and Economies,Arsenal Pulp Press, 2007.
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New Forms,exhibition catalogue, 2004.
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Vlkova, Michaela. "Tamto misto V Galerie Mladych".SVOBODNE PLOVO.1995;ISSN 0231-732X. Prague, Czech Republic

Artist Talks, Invited Lectures

2021 presentation and critiques Media Arts, Emily Carr University, invited by Christine Stewart 2018 zoom artist talk from Costa Rica to Vancouver: Sound Media class. Invited by Dennis Burke 2013 January 31st Invited Artist Talk/performance "Fixing/Unfixing" for Interdisciplinary Forums
"Two        Two Eyes, a Mouth and a Nose: The Face in Representation". Theatre, Emily Carr University. Invited by Randy Lee Cutler
2012 Presenter/Panel Moderator Creative Waters, Emily Carr University, Invited by Rita Wong
2012 Graduate Forums, ECU - Panel Discussion on Collaborative Practice:
       Fiona Bowie (Media Artist and Assistant Professor, FVIM), Claire French (Choreographer) and James Maxwell (Composer)
2011 – Panelist, Interviewed artist, QRU (an open school), Emily Carr University
2010 – Artist Talk. Flow Ether – remote artist talk ACM Multimedia, Firenze, Italy –
(Conference Winner, best presentation )
2010 - iDMAa 2010 – Artist Talk. Panelist
2009 Radio interview, Co-op Radio, Vancouver, BC
2009 Film interview, for Sarah Keenlyside's documentary on Surface by Fiona Bowie
2008 Artist Talk. University of Regina
2007 Artist Talk. Yukon Arts Centre, April 2007
2007 Artist Talk. A Conversation with Lorna Brown on Slip/host, Western Front, March.
2004 Artist Talk. Vancouver Art Gallery, as part of New Forms Festival
2003 Artist Talk. University of British Columbia
2003 Dreamstates, Guest artist lecture, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
2002 Artist Talk. Faltering Repetition, Consolidated Works, Seattle
2001 Artist Talk. For exhibition These Days, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2001 Artist Talk. Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
2000 Panel. Art Works. Simon Faser University. Artist talk. to students from UBC, SFU, ECIAD.
1997 presentation of work. S.F.U. School for the Contemporary Arts 20th Anniversary


2014 contributor to Access Gallery 20th anniversary catalogue
2009-12 Mona Leashas
              Co- Creator, Screenplay author (9 episodes) with Jamie Stolar.
2004 Author, Screenplay of SlipHost
2001 Editor, author of preface for ~scope, Western Front Publication.
1998 "Still Mort" for Philip McCrumb: Tear. Exhibition Monograph, OR Gallery publication Vancouver, BC

Cultural Service

2014 to 2021 Instigator, Director, Designer. Orbitas Studios and Residency program
2015 Samara Cultura Vive! Samara Arts and Culture, Board member, co-director
2014 City of Richmond Public Art Jury
2012 2018 Board Member, UNIT/PITT Gallery
2011 Private Public Art Commission Jury
2011 Canada Council Visual Arts Jury
2009 Langara Artist in Residence jury
2009 City of Vancouver cultural artists jury
2008 City of Vancouver cultural artists jury
2008 City of Vancouver cultural curatorial jury
2004 Board Member, OR Gallery
2004 Canada Council ARC Jury
2003 Board Member, OR Gallery
2003 Sound Composition Jury Vancouver Co-op Radio Society
2003 VADA Jury. Contemporary Art Gallery/Vancouver Foundation.
2003 Scholarship Committee, School of Media, Emily Carr Institute
2002 Board Member, OR Gallery
2001 Contemporary Art Gallery, Or Gallery. Work solicited by CAG/donated to Auctions.
1999/00 Co-Treasurer.Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres (PAARC)
1998/99 Co-Chair. Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres (PAARC)
1994/98 Co-Chair, Board member, Curator, Access Gallery.


2022 - VAST 400 Senior Studio, Emily Carr University, co-delivery with Brendan Tang.
2018 Conferred Professor Emerit, Emily Carr University
2002-15 Tenured Assistant Professor, Emily Carr University (retired August 2015)
       Sabbaticals: 2010 – 6 mos. Realized public art commission Surface.
       2007-1 year. Realized award winning public art commission Flow

       Timeline, course offerings:


- Developer Online curriculum, University Wiki; FVIM 331 Experimental Practices Online;
FVIM 416 Project Development Online
- FVIM 400, 410, Senior Studios, Integrated Media ;
- Graduate Studies, Low Residency Graduate Studio
- Visual and Material Practice, Senior Studio GEVA 400, 410


- Faculty, Resident Graduate studies Emily Carr University
- FVIM 400, 410, Senior Studios, Integrated Media ; FVIM 331 Experimental Practices
- Visual and Material Practice, Senior Studio GEVA 400, 410
- 2011 -Faculty Low Residency Studio, Emily Carr University- FVIM 400, 410, Senior Studios,
       Integrated Media; FVIM 331 Experimental Practices; Visual and Material Practice, Senior Studio GEVA 400, 410


- Inaugural Faculty, Graduate studies Emily Carr University - FVIM 400, 410, Senior Studios, Integrated Media; FVIM 331 Experimental Practices; FVIM 213 Open Media Studio - Visual and Material Practice, Senior Studio GEVA 400, 410 2002-2006

- FVIM 400, 410, Senior Studios, Integrated Media; FVIM 331 Experimental Practices; FVIM 213 Open Media Studio - Visual and Material Practice, Senior Studio GEVA 400, 410

2001-2002 Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Sessional, Integrated Media; Critical Studies
2000--1 Simon Fraser University. Sessional, Lecturer, School for the Contemporary Arts.
1999 Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Substitute instructor. School of Media Arts.
1999 Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Guest Lecturer. School of Media Arts.

Pedagogical Advancement

2007-14 Instigator, design and implementation of online research studio course for Wiki        platform and facilitation of University-wide faculty utilization of Wiki for Emily Carr University.
2006-14 Developer, designer of Online praxis curriculum
2005 Design and implementation of (first)- cross University course for ECU (UBC with Sidney Fels)
       interdisciplinary course Visual/media Arts and Computer Engineering students. 2003 - Implementation and design of online teaching on ECU FORUMS platform. (first instance at ECU
       on fully engaging student course work (portfolios, online studios, research and development, bibliographies)
       in an open (University) online environment (well ahead of Moodle and other platforms.)
2002 Creation /reimagining of Experimental Practices 3rd year course into a cross-platform,
       interdisciplinary, unrestricted cross- faculty, cross-university (with UBC) course.

Environmental Service

2012 Member writer/researcher/presenter at Vancity's 66th AGM on ethical investing and advertising practices:
(evidence record of, and Critique of the inclusion of fossil fuel multinationals in their Environmentally sound
investing portfolios and associated Advertising Campaign). Call to divest of Fossil Fuels.
(Vancity subsequently divested of Enbrigdge 3 months later and from 2012 to 2020, divested of all fossil fuel companies) See:presenter at 66th AGM(2012)

. 2007-2014 spokesperson/advocate for Faculty Association divesting of fossil fuels.

2006 No More Tankers Anti Twinning education and organizational group, Wise Hall.

1993 Friends of Clayoquot Sound supporter/ participant (documenting photographer)

1987 Western Wilderness Committee :member

1986 Co-organizer Anti Nukes Alternatives Vancouver. 100,000 strong peace marches through downtown Vancouver.
Posters, concerts, fundraisers, marchers.

1985 Channel One Club! Performance.
Dj, organizer/composer (performance of“4 horses”)

Chronological List of Works in Film/Video/Installation/Photography/Online

2023 Flow Streaming Live Online (2023-)an ever-evolving mis-en-scene
2022 4,383...v 2021-23 on 5.972×10^24 kg (The Situation Room)
2021 pathways
2017-ongoingFELL Silent
2017 Veils
2016 Usted, de lejos y hasta muy cerca
2016 particles
2016 woodpecker cultivations
2015 the flats (landwork with wildlife)
2014 Pared (video)
2014 -ongoingplano verde (landwork)
2013 -ongoing Shadow Works Landscape interventions, Google Earth
2013 - Orbitas Residencia Artística Internacional, Designer, Project Manager, Plumber, Landscape Designer, Finisher, Gardener, Ecosystem rehabilitator . Samara, Costa Rica        
2013 (fr 2009) ongoing Flow Online Interactive mis-en-scene,
2012 Imaginary Landscape, (Landscape marking). Samara, Costa Rica
2012 eels (video)
2012 Surf snow (video)
2011 Love Letter for LA-LAland (rock photos)
2009-13 Surface - 24 hour underwater documentary
2009 -2010 you / will / change - Random word combination piece
2009 OngoingFlow–continuously evolving Mis-En-Scene flow (2009-present)
2008 Damp Book. Printed art project
2008 Lush (photos)
2008 Flow Stills – photographic series
2007 the universe exists on the back of a chicken (didactic plinth sculptures as part of Slip/host exhibition)
2006 Slip/host (two room installation, video channels and photopainting, sculptures)
2006 Nature Morte (video and photographic works)
2005-6 Trunk (photo-based)
2004 Bunny (talking sculpture)
2004 Production stills, site studies for xxx parking lot: (photo-based)
       bump-summer camper
       stall 69
       palm/loading bay off set
       adobe house on set
2004Taxidermy - rubber video sculpture
2004 xxx parking lot - recreated parking stalls, sound.
2002 fuzz (photo-based)
2001-2004 phenotypes. 360 degree hybrid projection.
2000 Wax/Wane. Video, found event/conversation with ‘snow’static
2000 Faltering Repetition 360 degree drama. Video and kinetic slides superimposed on a projected setting.
1999 Powell Street Site Studies: Frosty Van, Hydrant, Powell and Commercial (photo-based)

1998 deliverance. 360° hybrid cinematic/still projection. (video channels and photo-based)
1998 numb. 1hour 45 minute continuous windshield shot w radio of a rush-hour commute. (video)
1998 production stills. Miniature projections of sites and actors from deliverance.
1998 production stills. cibachrome photos of drill cores (projector production).
1996 swell. kinetic omni-directional photographic projection.
1995 northwesterly swell. - 360 degree (sculptural) photographic projection with viewer held lenses.
1994 Anne. two faced photographic slide sculpture
1989 The Crunch timed based immersive slide/sculptural installation

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