Usted, de lejos y hasta muy cerca (photo, sensorgram, 2016)

Fiona Bowie's photo-sensorgram Usted, de lejos y hasta muy cerca (you, from afar and up close), is a
simultaneous exposure: pairing a soft-focus stormy sky and a living fungi that colonized the sensor of her DSLR.

When the image is viewed from far away, it looks like a painterly abstraction of a sky. When one moves in closer,
however, the fungi dominates the viewing experience. It's branchlike lattice, spores and slightly blurred streaks
of new populations burgeoning forth across the image (sensor) becomes more observable the closer one gets to the

detail, Usted, de lejos y hasta muy cerca (photo, sensorgram, 2016)

Usted, de lejos y hasta muy cerca is the first of her series produced by a doubling of outer and inner

The work follows her recent video diptychs that pair subjects of disperate scale and contrasting environs.

*(Initially horrified by the fungal infection of a normally pristine surface (camera sensor), the artist was
immediately struck by the phenomena's symbiosis with her recent work and has since returned this DSLR to its
case to sustain the fungi's growth, track its changes and reimagine how its next phase will pair with ensuing

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