The Flats(detail, ariel), Oct 2016                                                    The Flatsweeded, amended, new growth (detail) SE, August 2016    The Flats weeded, amended, new growth (detail) SW, August 2016

The Flats May 2016, green season.

The Flats end of dry season, April (detail) 2016

The Flats 2015, with invasive African Star Grass starting in background

The Flats (2012-ongoing)

The Flats is an ongoing earthwork, a subtle collaboration with seed dispersers (wind, birds, iguanas, animals, the bottom of shoes, etc.).

A natural progression from Plano Verde (2014-15), this work is comprised of labourious weeding, research and creating a welcome
environment for various bird species, reptiles and animals. The progression from year one to the present has been dramatic both
aesthetically and practically. There has been remarkable increase in both the quantity and diversity of species occupying The Flats.
Interestingly, to a visitor, the landscape may appear somewhat unremarkable. Each season brings new challenges and surprises.
Wind and seed dispersers deposit, the seeds germinate and many new indigenous plants as well as very prolific invasive
species start to transform the flats. Constant nurturing is critical to both the aesthetic qualities of the area and
it's support of species that now rely on it: this is because encroachment of invasive species are still prevalent to this location
(an old cow pasture, deforested of all old growth many decades ago).
Bowie removes the invasive plants and arranges (by extraction of some and nurturing of others, a pleasing arrangement and patterns
of plants that further both the aesthetic aspect of The Flats and the attractiveness of the expanse to an ever increasing
diversity of life.
The project will be posted on the Órbitas wiki may contribute to the identification of species
and add musings on the observed life of these creatures.

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