Building R (deathtrap namechange) (2022)
Building R (death trap name change), still installation projection, dimensions variable Building R (death trap name change), is a text intervention of a satellite image of Building 9, the facility where Glyphosate is manufactured by Bayer (who bought out Monsanto, who sold to avoid class action law suits). It is part of Shadoworks, a series of Google Earth interventions that draw attention to major players of Late Capitalism that egregiously damages planet earth.

Great things never invented (NYSE, #1 Shadow Works)(2011)

Great things never invented (NYSE, #1 Shadow Works) was the first of an ongoing series of related online public works called Shadow Works that Fiona begun in September of 2011.

These images are comprised of screen grabs from Google Earth that are altered with shadows and uploaded
to the GPS location where the base material was first grabbed. They are uploaded anonymously, with no reference to
the artist's hand in the images' construction, to be stumbled upon by users browsing photographs of a particular site
on Google Earth.

Mercury Rising (#7 Shadow works)(2014)

Shadow works leave visual residue on interactive maps, primarily google earth: street views, satellite shots or news broadcast stills are given focus, sometimes adorned with shadows and then uploaded. Dotted amongst the other tiny circular photo icons in the area, when they are clicked, they balloon into sometimes cheeky, sometimes abmonishing images. Reintroduced to locations that they are related to, they are in contrast to the usual picturesque records of travelers uploaded photos. Rather, they remind the would be traveler or google-earth-tourist that just over the hill from their potential desitnation(s) are colonized sites, decimated environs, corporate headquarters, hegemonic creations and endeavors.
They are sometimes taken down.

Camoflage 1 (#10 Shadow works)(2014)

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This work was created in Samara, Costa Rica, Sitges, Calalonia Spain, Toronto and in K'emk'emeláy (colonially known as Vancouver BC.),
with gratitude and acknowledgement of our host's nationhood; of their unceded, ancestral and current territories:
the Musqueam, Squamish, and Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.

as uploaded photos