Untitled (#1 Shadow works)(2011)

Untitled (#1) was the first of an ongoing series of related online public works called Shadow works that Fiona begun in September of 2011.

These images are comprised of screen grabs from Google Earth that are altered with shadows and uploaded
to the GPS location where the base material was first grabbed. They are uploaded anonymously, with no reference to
the artist's hand in the images' construction, to be stumbled upon by users browsing photographs of a particular site
on Google Earth.

Mercury Rising (#7 Shadow works)(2014)

Shadow works leave visual residue behind on street views, satellite shots or news broadcast stills that are
reintroduced to locations that the artist thinks aptly represent the quicksand of post capital disintegration
and it's resulting decimation of lifeforms on earth.

all rights reserved/copyright fiona bowie 2016