Taxidermy (2004)

The bunny preens for a few minutes. Seemingly 'diegetic' squeaks accompany it's every lick, tick and nostril flare.
After a couple of moments, it's face slowly transforms as a bump emerges at the centre of the screen. As the bump
grows a second image emerges, starting in the eyeball of the bunny. This image, growing in size as the bulge at the
centre of the screen grows, becomes recognisable as a pair of shoes rubbing together: the actual source of the
previously interpreted bunny sounds. As the image of the bunny recedes to accommodate the image of the squeaking
shoes, the screen is also transforming: a 3d copy of the shoes is pushing through the rubber screen causing it to
eventually 'collapse around the object. Once the transformation from 2d surface to 3d object is complete the image
disappears and the object stays dormant for about four minutes at which time the object slowly recedes, the screen
surface is restored and the process begins again.

all rights reserved/copyright fiona bowie 2016