the Crunch (1989)

This work was created during a period (1986-) in Bowie's formative artistic practice, when she began frequenting junk and recycling yards in and around Vancouver to purchase parts, brick-a-brack, interesting objects and recycled parts and sheets of scrap metal to bricolage experimental walk-in mixed media installations in the interest of expanding images beyond the confines of a single object or image. the Crunch allowed for time-based content to emerge in relation to surrounding 3d forms.
The room is divided into exterior and interior rooms. At the entrance, the gallery-goer is met with a tall bank of numbered cabinets. Each of #1, #2 and #4 contain dioramas containing labratory test tubes, pickled bric a brac or detritus, while #3 opened to a portal entrance to a back room with kinetic projections. These found images, while representing different eras, assembled a narrative of the industrial complex with some of it's defining attributes.

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