Imaginary Landscape (detail, 2012)

Imaginary Landscape (stop) was a temporary landscape demarkation. Fiona was met with
surprised project consultants for the construction of artist residency Orbitas when she insisted on re-wilding
the hardpan into habitat and gardens, rather than a wide driveway from the road to the residency. The particular spot,
pictured in the still above was at the time very hardpacked ground, bereft of any humus or viable soil -
having been clearcut in the early 2000's and then bulldozed to "attract" buyers. The main component of the ground was listre:
shale-like rocks that had been dumped there after the clearcut for road building in the area east of the property.
The invasive species Giant Thatching Grass or Jaragua (Hyparrhenia rufa) was the only ground cover .
This plant grows to 2 meters and carpets disturbed ground, obliterating native species and shunting biodiversiy.
The artist decided to draw designs while researching indigenous plants that would support bird,
butterfly and animal habitat.

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