Chopper was:
Pete Lutwyche, drums, recordings and micing
Jim Peers, drums
Jane Tilley, Guitar, Lead and backing vocals
Fiona Bowie, Bass, Lead and backing vocals
Barry Benson, sub live drums

Left to right: Jane Tilley, guitar, vocals; Jim Peers, drums, vocals; Fiona Bowie, bass, vocals

The Practice Tapes

all recordings were recorded live at perfume tree studios E 5th and terminal practice space.

Golden Boy: Lyric, melody, lead vocal Jane Tilley

Chopper: Lyric, melody, lead vocal Fiona Bowie

Graceland: Lyric, melody, Jane Tilley

Delicious: Lyric, melody, lead vocal Fiona Bowie

Chopper is:

Guitar, Lead and backing Vocals
Jane Tilley
Bass, Lead and backing Vocals
Fiona Bowie

Pete Lutwyche
Jim Peers
Barry BoomBoom Benson
Recorded and mixed at Perfume Tree studio on East 5th next to East 5th Studio.

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